It’s fun to get the whole family involved in gardening – it gets kids outdoors, interacting with nature, teaches them patience and how to care for something. Here are some fun garden and yard ideas to get your kiddos digging in the dirt!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! A Sandbox Garden

That old plastic sandbox or water table in the shed? Take it and make it into a kid-friendly size (and fun shaped!) garden. Let them chose what flowers to plant. Line it, put a little gravel down, some potting soil and whatever flowers or herbs your kids desire!

Vertical Gardening!

There’s something truly awe inspiring about a vertical garden – no matter your age! Find a wall of your house, side of your garage or fence to create your own. You can either order containers online or build your own, if DIY is your thing.

Bird Feeders

String some cheerios or smother a stale bagel with cream cheese and bird seed and hang it outside your kitchen so the kids can see who visits!


Not only is composting good for the environment, it’s scientific and fun! Let the kids help you chose a compost bin, find a sunny and well drained spot for it – and then let them be involved in sorting through what can be composted. Keep it in an area of the yard that is easily accessible from your home so they can bring out materials and watch the magic.

Let us know what other gardening activities you like to do with your family?

We have found the Tilly process to be most successful on properties less than an acre.

A major part of remote design is understanding a property’s existing conditions and limitations. To do this we generally use the primary structure (usually the house) as the main point of reference. The greater distances are from from the house the less successful we are at understanding your property. No matter what the size of your property, the more information you can provide us, the better. Don’t be shy with the pictures! And please send along any and all architectural or property plan documents you can.

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