Where are your design services available?

Tilly is a national landscape design firm offering services across the United States. Our designers have architectural and horticultural expertise in each region from the Northeast to the Southwest, even Hawaii!

Why should I hire Tilly instead of designing myself?
We recommend partnering with a professional to ensure a comprehensive, balanced landscape design that will mature beautifully, removing the guesswork from your plant selection and placement. First impressions are everything, and the right curb appeal or backyard design can add considerable value to your home as well as your quality of life!
What is the difference between partnering with Tilly and a local landscape designer?

Tilly is a fraction of the cost, with the same professional results. While most design services start at $2,500 before even considering plant materials and labor, Tilly provides a Master Plan of your entire property for $775. Our designers work on your schedule and within your budget, with the added bonus of a lower carbon footprint saved from all those on-site appointments. And unlike many local professionals, Tilly will never tell you your project is too small.

Can I see your previous work?

We thought you’d never ask! To get an idea of our portfolio, check out #tillydesign for photos, 3D renders and planting plans of our landscape design projects. We’re also happy to share this sample The Full design package complete with a lighting plan and 3D renders.

I don’t know anything about gardening or plants, can I use Tilly?
Yes! Tilly is a simple and easy resource no matter the color of your thumb! The detailed landscape plans Tilly delivers will give you the guidance to successfully DIY or hire a landscape contractor to install your design.
I don’t know my garden style – does that matter?

That’s okay! You can take Tilly’s online garden Style Quiz to help find inspiration and define your style. We also suggest checking out Tilly’s Pinterest page for specific style ideas and landscape inspiration.

Can Tilly work with properties of any size?
A major component to this service is understanding a property’s existing conditions as well as its limitations – the greater the size, the more challenging this becomes. At this time, Tilly focuses on designing spaces that are less than one acre.
Can Tilly work with any budget?
It is part of our process to understand your budget from the start, and work within that budget. We also help guide our clients who may not have one yet. We understand many homeowners may not be familiar with the costs of landscaping projects, and are happy to provide realistic ranges to get you started. Tilly’s phasing plans are one way we help clients manage costs.
How personalized are the designs?
Short answer – entirely! Have a favorite oak tree you want to design around? An awkwardly sloping lawn? A lot of shade? All designs are completely personalized to your yard, needs, and geographic location. There will be opportunities to share information about your space in the Get Started form and online Space Assessment, as well as during your personal video consultation.

Design Process

What is Tilly’s design process?

Our process can be broken down into five steps:


  1. Tell Us A Little: After your online purchase, you will receive an email with a link to Tilly’s Space Assessment. This is where you can share your vision, environmental conditions, concerns, and goals for the space.
  2. Tell Us Some More: We request a selection of photos and documents to help the designer understand your space. The more you can share, the better!
  3. Show Us Around: Once all of your information is received, you will e-meet your designer and schedule a consult. We suggest a video call for this step.
  4. Get Your Design: You will receive an initial plan within 7-10 business days following your consult, with 30 days to request your revisions.
  5. Put It In the Ground: Use Tilly’s shopping list and installation guide to DIY, or simply hand over the plan to your local landscaper or gardener.
How long does it take to get my design?

Generally, from the time of purchase to delivery, our process takes 3-4 weeks. Timelines may be a bit extended during our busy season.

Do I need a property survey?
We don’t require one, but it’s strongly encouraged for all of our packages containing a scaled plan. This way your design will be more accurate and better suited to your outdoor space. If previous work has been done on your house, there is a good chance the local building department will have a copy that you can request, or it may be included in your closing documents. For larger or more complex properties, we may recommend purchasing a site plan through one of our partners.
What should I expect from my design consultation?
A friendly conversation! Your landscape designer will ask about you, your home, personal style, the use of your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what you want to achieve with your project. Whenever possible, we prefer to use video chat if you’d like to invite us over for a virtual tour!
Who will be designing my plan?
Tilly’s landscape designers have been hand selected and trained in this new model of landscape design and client engagement. We have a team of landscape architects, designers and horticulturalists weighing in on each design as needed.
Can I revise my initial plan?
One round of significant revisions is included in each design package. From there, we are happy to make small tweaks here and there, as long as it is within the 30-day window of your initial delivery. Revised documents will include a black and white planting plan and updated plant materials schedule.

Design Products

What is included in a design package?

Visit our Design Packages page and click “Learn More” to see what is included in each.

What is NOT included in a design package?
Tilly’s services are meant to provide you with a useful design concept that is tailored to your personal goals and on-site conditions. Our process has been developed for homeowners who don’t need a full-service landscape architect, or simply prefer our online approach. That means we are unable to provide things like construction drawings, hardscape specifications (materials, quantities), progress drawings, professionally stamped documents for permitting, irrigation plans, drainage / grading plans, or guaranteed compliance with local code and HOA guidelines.
Can Tilly do hardscaping?

We often recommend hardscape materials and general placement within the broader scope of our design package, however we are not able to provide accurate elevations or construction documents. Furthermore, clients should be aware that hardscaping often requires permitting and our documents are not always suited for this. For examples of what we’ve done for previous clients, please refer to our sample package or online portfolio at #tillydesign.

I’m not sure which service is best for my needs, what should I do?

The main difference between our Consult and scaled plans (Front, Back, Full) is what you receive from Tilly. The Consult provides expert advice and suggestions without real specific placement of materials. A design package will provide a scaled map of your yard with very specific quantities, placement, measurements, etc. To compare Tilly’s design packages, visit here. And if you’re still unsure, please contact us with any questions.


Once I have my landscape plans, what comes next?

Your plans will include the exact size and quantity of plants you’ll need to bring your landscape design to life, an aerial map with plant placement, images of each plant, as well as detailed installation and maintenance instructions. Then you have three options:


  1. Hire a landscape contractor to manage the installation process for you, including the purchase, planning and planting of your materials.
  2. Order your plants from a local nursery or garden center, put on your overalls (or chic ripped jeans) and DIY.
  3. If you’re in the New York tri-state area, ask Tilly about our installation services.
What if my plant materials are not in stock?

While Tilly works hard to select commonly used materials, this is a very regular occurrence across the industry. It’s rare that any one retailer or wholesaler will have everything listed on your plant schedule. To help our clients navigate this challenge, Tilly created this blog post on the topic.

Can you refer me to other related professionals?
Tilly has a network of trusted landscape contractors, masons, carpenters, arborists, realtors, interior designers, and more in many regions. If you have specific requests, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you.

We have found the Tilly process to be most successful on properties less than an acre.

A major part of remote design is understanding a property’s existing conditions and limitations. To do this we generally use the primary structure (usually the house) as the main point of reference. The greater distances are from from the house the less successful we are at understanding your property. No matter what the size of your property, the more information you can provide us, the better. Don’t be shy with the pictures! And please send along any and all architectural or property plan documents you can.

Still have questions? Contact us!